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What Are Candle Wicks Made Of?

When shopping for candles, there are a few factors to consider in making your decision. Think about the size of the candle you want, the shape, and the fragrance. As important as…

How to Get Candle Wax Out of a Carpet

A thoughtfully crafted candle made from high-quality materials can burn for hours, filling your home with a delightful fragrance. Whether you prefer warm and woody fragrances that create a sense of comfort…

Why Is My Candle Flame So High?

The soft light of a flickering candle brings warmth to any space. Paired with the perfect fragrance, a subtle flame comforts the soul and turns any house into a home. A gentle…

Using a Candle Warmer vs. Burning Your Candles

The right candle creates a uniquely cozy ambiance, but it’s not all about the flame. The right fragrance can transform any space and you don’t necessarily need to light the candle –…

Introducing LAFCO’s Newest 4-Wick Candles

Enjoy your favorite LAFCO fragrances with the new Luxe 4-wick candle. The latest addition the LAFCO family, this luxurious multi-wick candle is a true statement piece as well as a fragrance solution…

5 Ways to Make Your Candle Last Longer

The act of lighting and enjoying a candle is so simple there’s no way you could possibly do it wrong, right? While lighting a candle may only involve putting flame to wick,…

6 of LAFCO’s Most Popular Strong Scented Candles

The perfect fragrance is strong enough to fill the room but not to the point of being overpowering. This delicate balance can only be achieved with pure, essential oil-based fragrance oils artfully…

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