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LAFCO Partner Spotlight: Urbane Home and Lifestyle

Store Name: Urbane Home and Lifestyle

Store Address: 905 N.Broadway, Oklahoma City, OK

Instagram Handle: @urbaneokc

Owners: Scott Wagoner and Ben Davis

Years In Business: 12

Tell us about your store. What inspired you to create it?

Scott Wagoner and Ben Davis opened Urbane Home and Lifestyle 12 years ago. Scott is a former road rep who had enough windshield time and wanted to explore the other side of the business. From his travels and work with retailers, as well as his experience with merchandise and the market, he knew how to resource wanted goods that other stores in his market didn’t carry. “There was a certain level of merchandise I found on my rep travels that I wanted to bring to Oklahoma City. ”

Each year, he and his partner, Ben, extend their hunt for fine goods on their personal travels in and outside of the U.S. Ben recently left public service as Deputy Director of the Oklahoma Tourism and Recreation Department to join Scott at the store full-time- just in time to move the store to a larger location.

Urbane now occupies a beautiful storefront in downtown Oklahoma City’s Automobile Alley District, a popular, walkable shopping district featuring the most diverse retail in the city. “We moved just before the holiday season, crazy, but we got it done! We now have more space to feature our furniture and expand our gift selection. Business has been great!”

Talk to us about your product curation. How do you decide which brands to offer?

Our philosophy is to carry considered items for a considered lifestyle- well-made products that define luxury, travel, and taste.

What is your favorite or “must-have” LAFCO product and why?

Feu du Bois…the consumate Lafco scent we feel best represents our store’s mission. We carry and sell everything in this scent…and use it in our home.

Do you have a store pet or furry friend? What’s his or her name?

We have two: Jeter and Emmy…rescued Labradoodles who run the place.

What advice or ideas would you like to share with other independent businesses?

Trust in yourself! Every day is a leap of faith.

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