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Join LAFCO In Support of LGBTQIA+ Youth

Every June is Pride month, celebrated annually to commemorate lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender pride. This year, LAFCO is partnering up with Hetrick-Martin Institute (HMI) in support of LGBTQIA+ youth. In solidarity…

LAFCO’s Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day is the perfect time to show the dads in your life how much you care. You can’t go wrong with a new tie or a set of cufflinks, but if…

What Does Yuzu Smell Like?

Yuzu (Citrus junos) is a captivating citrus fruit that hails from East Asia, but has also found its way to Europe, Australia, and New Zealand through cultivation. This exquisite fruit is believed…

LAFCO Partner Spotlight: Splurge

Store Name: Splurge Store Address: 1150 Freeport Road Pittsburgh, PA. Instagram Handle: splurgeshop Owner: Kym Pelcher Years in Business: 10 Tell us about your store. What inspired you to create it? My…

LAFCO’s Mother’s Day 2023 Gift Guide

Whether it’s your own mother, your grandmother, wife, partner, or girlfriend, it’s often hard to put into words the appreciation you feel for the mothers in your life. Sometimes a simple card…

5 of the Best LAFCO Fragrances for First Time Customers

Founded by Jon Bresler, the Luxury Articles and Fragrance Company (LAFCO) is renowned in the fragrance industry for their fragrance products. From candles that come in handblown glass vessels to uniquely formulated…

7 of the Best Candle Fragrances for Men

Fragrances can be a powerful tool in creating a certain mood or ambiance in your home. Whether you want to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere or a fresh and invigorating environment,…

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