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Amber: An In-Depth Look at this Warm & Sweet Scent

Unlike many essential oils that are derived from the leaves, stems, and flowers of living plants, amber is a material that can be hundreds of millions of years old. You may be…

Jasmine: An In-Depth Look at This Floral and Sweet Fragrance

Widely used in aromatherapy, jasmine is a sweet-smelling floral fragrance that offers a number of health benefits. Authentic jasmine fragrance is hard to come by not only because the rich floral scent…

Bergamot: An In-Depth Look at this Citrus Fragrance

Stress is an unavoidable part of life but just because you can’t avoid stress completely doesn’t mean you can’t escape from it now and then. When you start to feel overwhelmed or…

Chamomile: An In-Depth Look at this Relaxing Fragrance

When you’re feeling restless or having trouble sleeping, a warm mug of chamomile tea might help relax your mind. This herbal remedy dates back centuries, all the way to ancient Egypt, Greece,…

Ylang Ylang: An In-Depth Look at this Floral Fragrance

Aromatherapy is a practice with ancient origins, but it provides many modern benefits. Once used for religious purposes and in Ayurvedic medicine, aromatherapy offers relief from poor sleep quality, chronic stress, joint…

Why LAFCO Uses Olive Oil in Our Soap

When it comes to keeping clean, you may think that any old soap will do but not all soaps are created equal. Certain ingredients can dry out your skin or trigger negative…

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