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LAFCO Partner Spotlight: Opulence of Southern Pines

Store Name: Opulence of Southern Pines

Store Address: 280 NW Broad Street Southern Pines, NC 28387

Instagram Handle: opulenceofsp

Owner: Tanda Jarest

Years in Business: 27

Tell us about your store. What inspired you to create it?

Moved to NC from New York where I was a manufacturer’s rep – there were no luxury linen stores around so I decided to
open one!

Talk to us about your product curation. How do you decide which brands to offer?

I decide on brands based on my own likes and dislikes. So far that has been successful.
What is your favorite or “must-have” LAFCO product and why? * well, I have 2 – Kitchen candle and the new and improved room sprays

Do you have a store pet or furry friend? What’s his or her name?

We lost our shop dog last year, sadly, he was an 18 year old Italian Greyhound named Raso. We also had his father Uccelino who also lived for 18 years, he passed 3 years ago.

What advice or ideas would you like to share with other independent businesses?

Stick to your game plan. It is so easy to veer off path and bring in merchandise that is not necessarily your lane. Stay true to what you do best.

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