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Introducing LAFCO’s New Fragrance Finder

Take a moment to think about some of your favorite smells. What makes them special to you? Aside from simply liking one scent more than another, certain fragrances can trigger memories, enhance your mood, and even provide health benefits. Fragrance is powerful and you can use it throughout your home to create ambience – the tricky part is finding the right fragrance.

If you’re struggling to find the perfect fragrance – or you’re simply curious to know what’s out there – LAFCO has you covered. We offer more than 30 unique fragrances in everything from scented candles and reed diffusers to room mist, hand cream, and bar soap. Our newly redesigned Fragrance Finder is here to help you find the ideal fragrance for your needs, no matter what they are.

The Power of the Perfect Fragrance

The right fragrance has the power to settle your body and your mind, soothing away stress and anxiety. It can also invigorate the senses, spurring a boost in focus and productivity. Fragrance can even stir up memories, transporting you back in time or to a far away place.

Though you may not consciously recognize the impact of scent on your mind and body, neuroscience makes clear that smell and memory are closely linked. In aromatherapy, certain scents have been linked to specific health benefits as well. The right fragrance can alleviate stress, boost energy, improve focus, relieve pain, and even strengthen the immune system. But how do you find the perfect fragrance?

The key to harnessing the benefits of aromatherapy is to identify the right fragrance for the occasion. That’s where LAFCO’s Fragrance Finder comes in…

How to Use the LAFCO Fragrance Finder

The power of fragrance is only as strong as the fragrance itself. At LAFCO, we use pure, highly concentrated essential-oil based fragrances and other ethically sourced ingredients. From scented candles to reed diffusers, every product is thoughtfully crafted to deliver a unique olfactory experience. LAFCO offers dozens of fragrances divided over seven fragrance families.

When it comes to finding the right fragrance, the LAFCO Fragrance Finder is the tool you need. By making a few simple selections and answering a few questions, we’ll pair you with the perfect fragrance for your needs. From there you can view the LAFCO products available in that fragrance.

Here’s how the LAFCO Fragrance Finder works:

  1. Select from seven types of fragrances (citrus, woody, herbal, gourmand, fresh, fruity, or floral).
  2. Indicate which adjective best describes the mood and ambience you’re trying to create:
    • Earthy and Incensy
    • Invigorating and Revitalizing
    • Romantic and Dreamy
    • Refreshing and Restorative
    • Relaxing and Calming
    • Tranquil and Peaceful
    • Warm and Balmy
  3. Indicate how your friends would describe you:
    • Adventurous and Creative
    • Sensual and Earthy
    • Upbeat and Energetic
    • Fashion Forward and Bold
    • Romantic and Sentimental
    • Classic and Sophisticated
  4. Choose your ideal escape from the following five options:
    • Country Cottage
    • Flower Garden Tour
    • Island Getaway
    • Spa Retreat
    • Foreign Capitol City
  5. View the fragrance options and make your selection.

The beauty of the LAFCO Fragrance Finder is that you can use it as often as you like to find the perfect fragrance for any mood or occasion. Simply answer four simple questions and you’ll be given customized recommendations for LAFCO products in your ideal fragrance. It couldn’t be simpler.

Discover Your New Favorite LAFCO Fragrance

Once you’ve used the LAFCO Fragrance Finder to determine the right fragrance for your needs, the only thing left to do is try it. Upon completing the Fragrance Finder quiz, you’ll be presented with several different fragrances along with recommendations for products available in those scents. If you’re not sure which one to try, the Discovery Trio sample set might be just what you need.

With the Discovery Trio sample set, you can enjoy samples of over 30 unique fragrance options from eight different families. Build your set with your selections from the LAFCO Fragrance Finder or branch out to try something new. You’ll receive sample-size candles of three different fragrances for just $16. Best of all, your order ships free and you’ll receive a $16 promo code that can be applied toward your next full-sized purchase.

Whether you’re searching for the perfect fragrance to help you settle down after a long day or looking for a scent to boost productivity while working from home, LAFCO has over 30 unique, all-natural fragrance options to choose from. Use the LAFCO Fragrance Finder to pick the perfect scent for your needs then shop for scented candles, reed diffusers, and other aromatherapy products.

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