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The Key Differences Between Multi-Wick Candles & Single Wick Candles

When shopping for candles, choosing a fragrance isn’t the only thing you need to be worried about. Candles come in a wide variety of sizes as well. More important than the size, however, is the number of wicks that come with the candle.

A candle wick works through capillary action, drawing fuel toward the flame. Typically made from cotton, candle wicks absorb melted wax and transports it up to the flame where it vaporizes and then combusts. The diameter and stiffness of the wick affects how the candle burns as well as its size in relation to the size of the candle itself.

If you want to enjoy a brighter flame and longer lasting fragrance, a multi-wick candle is a smarter choice than a single-wick candle. Here’s what you need to know about the differences between the two and how to get the most out of either option.

The Benefits of Multi-Wick Candles

All candles work in the same basic way – you light the wick and let it burn until the top layer of wax melts. A candle will burn as long as it has at least one wick, but some candles burn more efficiently with multiple wicks. This is particularly true for large or oddly shaped candles.

When a candle burns, the flame melts the wax around the wick. As the wax close to the wick melts, the warmth spreads across the surface of the candle to melt the entire top layer of wax. The problem with large candles is that the heat from the flame might not be enough to melt the larger volume of wax. As a result, you end up with holes burned into the wax around the wick. The candle essentially hollows itself as it burns, leaving you with a lot of wasted wax.

A candle with multiple wicks ensures more even heat distribution and thus more even melting of the wax. Multi-wick candles burn more efficiently than single-wick candles.

Aside from the practical benefits, having multiple wicks also yields a brighter flame and stronger scent. This can be beneficial if you’re using the candle for light as well as fragrance. Larger candles contain more wax and thus more fragrance. More than that, however, multiple wicks mean the wax melts faster, distributing the fragrance over a shorter duration than a single-wick candle would. This makes them ideal for larger rooms or when you want the fragrance to fill your home.

Multi-wick candles tend to be larger than single-wick candles as well which means the empty vessel has more potential for reuse than a smaller vessel.

Getting the Most Out of a Multi-Wick Candle


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The best way to maximize the longevity of any candle is to keep the wick trimmed and to let it burn until the entire top layer of wax is melted before you blow it out. This applies to multi-wick candles as well a single-wick candles, but there are a few extra things to keep in mind with multiple-wick candles.

First and foremost, take your time when choosing a multi-wick candle. Candles with multiple wicks are understandably more expensive than single-wick candles, so you want to make sure you choose one you’re going to enjoy from start to finish. It’s also worth considering the materials from which the candle is made. Pure soy wax, which LAFCO uses in all of our candles, has a longer burn life than other materials and it’s wise to choose a candle with a cotton wick, so it burns clean.

Here are some simple tips to extend the life of a multi-wick candle:

  • Let the candle burn for at least a few hours. While multi-wick candles often burn faster than single-wick candles, you still need to give it time for the whole top layer of wax to melt before blowing it out. This could take a few hours, depending on the size of the candle.
  • Trim the wicks before each use. If the wicks aren’t trimmed to the same length, you could end up with an uneven burn and areas of pooled wax. Trim the wicks to about ¼-inch long before each burn.
  • Place the candle away from fans, vents, and drafts. A multi-wick candle will distribute fragrance faster and further than a single-wick candle, but only if you burn it properly. Placing your candle near currents of air could create smoke or cause the candle to burn unevenly.
  • Let your candle cool completely before use. Letting a candle burn too long can allow the wicks to shift, leading to an uneven burn the next time. It’s best to let your candle cool and solidify completely before using it – this can take longer with a multi-wick candle than a single-wick candle.

Even if you follow these steps, you may find that some parts of a multi-wick candle may burn faster than others. Before the candle cools completely, you may need to level out irregular areas of wax. You can try smoothing it out or simply scoop the excess wax out with a spoon.

Enjoy Long-Lasting Fragrance with the LAFCO 4-Wick Candle

The larger the candle the longer it lasts. LAFCO’s newest candle is the 86-ounce Luxe 4-wick candle. Presented in artisanal glass vessels, these candles are made with soy wax and four 100% cotton wicks. Each candle burns for up to 200 hours, distributing pure, essential oil-based fragrance throughout your home. These candles are ideal for scenting larger spaces while delivering soft, soothing candlelight.

Shop the selection of LAFCO 4-wick candles, available in popular fragrances like Chamomile Lavender, Feu de Bois, and Paradiso Fig. If you’re concerned about committing to an 86-ounce candle, you can always sample these fragrances with a LAFCO Discovery Trio first and receive $16 your next full-sized order.

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