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5 Differences Between Average Hand Creams and Luxury Hand Creams

Your hands tell the story of your life — every callus and crack is a memory. Though you wouldn’t part with those memories for any price, you probably wouldn’t mind giving up that dry, flaky skin. Your hands may have seen some pretty rough treatment, but they don’t have to feel that way. The right hand cream can soothe and hydrate your skin, leaving it smooth and moisturized.

When your hands are feeling a little dry, you might pop into the local drugstore or supermarket and grab a bottle of hand cream off the shelf. The problem with many hand creams is that are made using synthetic ingredients and additives that can make skin problems worse.  Is it worth saving a few extra dollars if your skin ends up paying for it?

The truth is that there’s a big difference between the run-of-the-mill hand cream and one from a company that prioritizes natural, pure ingredients.

Let’s look at the major differences between average hand creams and how they differ from luxury hand creams, like LAFCO’s.

The Problem with Off-the-Shelf Hand Creams

When you start to feel that familiar itch and look down to find your knuckles are starting to crack, you probably reach for the closest bottle of lotion you can find. You may think that all creams and lotions are created equal, so you probably don’t put much thought into which one you purchase aside from preferences for fragrance. What you don’t know, however, may be harming you. There are a number of potentially harmful ingredients used in off-the-shelf lotions you should be aware of.

Here are some of the worst ingredients sometimes found in the most common hand creams:

  • Butylated Hydroxyanisole (BHA) – A food preservative and stabilizer, BHA is also used in a wide variety of personal use products including body lotions, lipstick, and even yeast infection treatments. The problem is it’s been “reasonably anticipated to be a human carcinogen” by the National Toxicology Program and is a known endocrine disruptor.
  • Parabens – Often listed as butylparaben or methylparaben on the label, parabens help prevent bacteria and fungus from growing in body lotion. The problem is that they are linked to breast cancer and hormone disruption.
  • DMDM Hydantoin – A type of formaldehyde-releasing preservative, this substance is an irritant for the eyes and skin. Though there’s no strong evidence that DMDM hydantoin is a carcinogen, formaldehyde is and it could be present in moisturizers that contain this ingredient.
  • Perfume and Fragrance – Artificial fragrances used in most personal care items come from a mix of different chemicals. Phthalates are commonly used in fragrance oils, for example, and are known endocrine disruptors and toxic to organ systems.
  • Retinyl Palmitate – A vitamin A derivative found in sunscreens, lotions, and anti-aging creams, this substance has been linked to tumor growth in mice.
  • Petrolatum – Typically found in lotions and lip balms, petrolatum is a derivative of petroleum or crude oil and is an endocrine disruptor. It forms a layer that covers the skin, preventing it from breathing properly.

Drugstore lotions may smell good and help with the initial dryness, but they fail to truly hydrate the skin for long-lasting protection.

Read on to learn what makes LAFCO hand creams different and why you should consider making the switch.

What Makes LAFCO New York Hand Creams Different?

After reading through that extensive list of potentially harmful ingredients, you may be hunting through your bathroom closet to get rid of every bottle of run-of-the-mill lotion or hand cream you’ve ever bought. But what are you going to replace them with? Don’t leave your skin high and dry. LAFCO New York offers a collection of luxurious hand creams made with all-natural ingredients and formulated to soothe, repair, and hydrate dry skin.

Here are some of the benefits you’ll enjoy with LAFCO hand creams:

  1. Made entirely from plant-based ingredients. Every bottle of hand cream is made only with plant-based ingredients so they are safe to be used as often as you like.
  2. Hypoallergenic. All LAFCO New York hand creams are hypoallergenic and made with rice proteins and olive oils, rich in antioxidants and loaded with natural reparative benefits.
  3. Made with cottonseed and jojoba oils. These plant-based oils create a natural moisture barrier to protect your skin long-term by locking in hydration.
  4. Free from silicones, parabens, and other synthetic ingredients. Completely free from synthetic ingredients, enjoy a genuinely pure experience with LAFCO hand cream.
  5. Made with perfume-grade fragrances. Enjoy long-lasting natural scent from perfume-grade essential oil-based fragrances.

By now you’re probably wondering why you ever wasted your money on drugstore lotions at all. Don’t worry, we won’t tell. The best thing you can do is ditch your drugstore hand cream right away and start enjoying the luxury of LAFCO New York hand cream. We recommend using it after each wash to seal in moisture and all it takes is a dime-sized amount to cover both hands.

Try These Luxurious LAFCO Hand Creams

Not only are LAFCO hand creams made with premium ingredients and free from synthetic additives, but they also feature perfume-grade essential oil based fragrances to provide a long-lasting, natural scent.

Discover some of the top hand cream fragrances from LAFCO New York:

  • Chamomile Lavender – Restore and repair dry skin while enjoying the understated luxury of warm chamomile and fresh lavender. This hand cream pairs calming notes of chamomile and smoky patchouli with bright notes of crisp bergamot, all with an undertone of lavender.
  • Champagne – Hydrate your skin in the most luxurious way possible with this artfully crafted hand cream made in Italy. Take in notes of sparkling grapefruit, Tuscan lemon, and ginger paired with floral notes of rose, neroli, and verbena.
  • Fresh Cut Gardenia – Imagine yourself gazing through open veranda doors, the sun streaming across the floor as you take in the view of white blooms overflowing from a crystal vase. Inhale the scent of fresh gardenia and orange blossom with subtle elements of pineapple and cedar.
  • Sea & Dune – This hand cream will nourish your dry skin and soothe your mind, recalling memories of relaxing beach days with your toes in the sand. Breathe in the fragrance of blue lotus and beach grass with a tiny hint of ginger.
  • Marine – Smell the intoxicating sea air is enhanced by wet floral notes of water lily, sea jasmine and rose. Clean and luminous marine notes work their ozonic magic on bergamot, jasmine and vetiver.
  • Feu De Bois –Reminiscent of quiet winter days, with the snow lightly falling outside the window as the fire crackles by your feet. Smoky frankincense blankets cozy notes of leather, sandalwood and pine.

Inexpensive ingredients and artificial additives won’t naturally soothe and hydrate your skin – they could end up doing more harm than good. If you want to experience the LAFCO difference, use our Fragrance Finder to be matched with the perfect fragrance for your new hand cream.

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