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5 LAFCO Stocking Stuffers to Stock Up on Today

The holidays are a time full of tradition and each family has their own. Christmas stockings are a tradition that manifests in many ways but dates all the way back to the 4th century. Some families hang stockings over the mantle while others slip them over the bedpost. However you choose to enjoy this holiday tradition, finding the right stocking stuffers is an absolute must.

Give the gift of pure, essential oil-based fragrance this year with gifts from LAFCO. From reed diffusers and room mist to body care products, LAFCO offers an assortment of gifts perfect for stocking stuffers.

The Story Behind Stockings

The story behind Christmas stockings is one as old as Christmas itself. St. Nicholas of Myra (now modern-day Turkey) is believed to be the inspiration behind Santa Claus. A rich man who lived during the 4th century, Old Saint Nick was known for his charity.

According to the legend, Saint Nick dropped a bag of gold down the chimney of a village man who was unable to afford a dowry for his oldest daughter. The gold slipped into a stocking that was hanging to dry over the fireplace, creating legend of Santa Claus and the practice of hanging Christmas stockings. Village children began hanging socks or leaving shoes outside their door, hoping Saint Nicholas would leave them a gift.

Though the legend suggests children would use one of their everyday socks for this purpose, special Christmas stockings were eventually created. These were traditionally hung on Saint Nicholas Day until, sometime during the 1800s, they came to be used on Christmas Eve as well.

5 LAFCO Gifts Perfect for Stocking Stuffers


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The perfect stocking stuffer is inexpensive and small enough to fit into a stocking. Candy and other treats are great for stockings, but if you like throwing in a small gift or two for the recipient to unwrap, LAFCO has plenty of options. Travel candles, bar soap, even room mist and small reed diffusers make excellent stocking stuffers for friends and family.

Here are some of the best LAFCO gifts perfect for stocking stuffers:

  1. Chamomile Lavender Bar Soap – Affordably priced and perfectly sized to slip into a stocking, this luxurious bar soap features the calming scent of chamomile lavender. Top notes of bergamot and chamomile delight the senses, leaving a lasting impression of rosemary, patchouli, and honey flower.
  2. Champagne Hand Sanitizer – You can never have enough hand sanitizer and this 3.3-ounce bottle is perfect not only for the stocking but easy to store in the car or in your handbag. Delicately scented with sparkling notes of ginger, grapefruit, and raspberry, this hand sanitizer is FDA OTC approved.
  3. Champagne Holiday Reed Diffuser – With all the pizzaz of a champagne toast, this stocking stuffer is perfect if you want to splurge a little bit. Still priced under $50 and appropriately sized for the stocking, this reed diffuser features a classic LAFCO fragrance but is presented in a festive silver vessel.
  4. Fresh Cut Gardenia Room Mist – Bring a burst of fresh fragrance to any room with this 4-ounce room mist. Bright notes of lemon and apple give way to a heart of neroli, orange flower, and fresh gardenia before settling into a lasting impression of cedar, musk, and orange blossom.
  5. Marine Travel Candle – Not only are LAFCO’s 4-ounce travel candles perfect for packing, but they are also great for gifting. This travel candle is presented in a portable tin and infused with a classic LAFCO fragrance that invokes the feeling of a warm summer day spent by the sea.

Pair your LAFCO stocking stuffers with full-size items wrapped and placed under the tree. The new Absolute Collection represents the ultimate expression of LAFCO, harnessing the power of highly concentrated fragrance oils called absolutes. Exquisite aroma presented in handblown glass vessels, this collection includes six unique fragrances all great for gifting.

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