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9 LAFCO Stocking Stuffers for Everyone on Your List

Christmas stockings hold a certain magic, twined with traditions and brimming with the promise of hidden treasures. Whether your family revels in the anticipation on Christmas Eve or relishes the finale of unearthing these delights on Christmas Day, stockings embody a timeless ritual of joy and surprise.

While it’s the thought that counts, let’s not overlook the art of selection. The perfect stocking stuffer is a blend of size and sentiment, a small token that carries the weight of your affection. This holiday season, allow LAFCO to transform the simple act of gifting into an experience of luxury and aroma.

Discover our curated collection of petite LAFCO treasures, each infused with exquisite scents and crafted to fit snugly in the heart of a stocking, ready to unfurl smiles and scents alike.

Champagne Votive

Enveloped in a pristine white art glass vessel, accented with a sophisticated black rim, our Champagne Votive is a symphony of scent captured in 1.9 ounces of pure delight. This votive arrives nestled within a petite box, a perfect parcel poised for gifting.

The fragrance itself is a celebration in every sense, opening with the sparkling effervescence of ginger, grapefruit, and a whisper of raspberry. As the initial jubilance gently subsides, a more complex bouquet emerges — a dance of verbena’s citrusy zing, the earthy depth of vetiver, and the classic, velvety caress of rose. Each note is a toast to timeless refinement, ready to fill the room with its festive spirit.

Feu de Bois Votive

Step into the embrace of warmth with the Feu de Bois Votive. This votive opens with the rustic charm of woody top notes, a trio of cedar, spruce, and pine, reminiscent of an alpine forest’s grandeur. At its heart, the votive unfurls the deep, earthy romance of patchouli mingled with the creamy richness of sandalwood. As the fragrance settles, it leaves behind an evocative trail of smoky frankincense, the golden warmth of amber, and the mystical scent of myrrh, capturing the timeless serenity of evenings spent by the fireside.

Chamomile Lavender Votive

Crafted for moments of tranquility and the luxury of a personal retreat, the Chamomile Lavender Votive is an ode to calmness. This herbal concerto weaves together the soothing notes of chamomile and the tranquil whispers of lavender with the subtle earthiness of sage.

Contained in a cream-colored vessel that evokes a sense of peace, the votive is a testament to relaxation. It invites you to breathe in the grounding aroma of smoky patchouli, while layers of sweet honey flower gently unfold, transforming your space into a sanctuary of restful bliss.

Holiday Votive Trio

Elevate the spirit of gifting with not just one, but three votive candles, each a bearer of its own unique story. The Holiday Votive Trio is a curated collection that celebrates the essence of the season, presented in a beautifully decorated box that radiates festivity, sparing you the need for wrapping. Within, discover a trio of 1.9-ounce votives, each cradled in a metallic-patterned glass vessel that catches the light and the eyes of all who behold them.

Fresh Cut Gardenia Diffuser

Transform any space into a blooming garden with the Fresh Cut Gardenia Diffuser, a gift that goes beyond mere scent—it’s an experience. Housed in an exquisite jade-colored handblown glass vessel, this diffuser is an art piece in its own right, accompanied by natural reeds that waft the fragrance gently through the air. Crafted with the finest pure essential oils, its fragrance is a layered masterpiece, starting with the invigorating brightness of fresh lemon and crisp apple.

The heart beats with the intoxicating scents of lush gardenia, delicate neroli, and radiant orange flower. Anchoring this bouquet are the deep, resonant tones of cedar and a whisper of musk, giving this blend a profound depth. It’s not just a stocking stuffer—it’s an invitation to a sensory garden retreat.

Sea & Dune Diffuser

Immerse your senses in the essence of the shore with the Sea & Dune Diffuser. Each breath is a journey to a coastal haven, where the air is tinged with the zest of lemon and the spicy allure of coastal lily. This diffuser, presented in a serene blue-gray vessel, is a tribute to the untamed beauty of the beach. Notes of wild beach grass and the aquatic bloom of blue lotus blend effortlessly with the fragrance, while a foundation of ginger’s warmth, amber’s depth, vetiver’s earthiness, and the sun-kissed embrace of warm sand complete this olfactory seascape.

Marine Diffuser

Embark on a sensorial voyage with the Marine Diffuser, where the crisp freshness of the ocean is softened by a floral whisper. This fragrance captures the invigorating spirit of bergamot and the unexpected sweetness of rhubarb, creating a bright and buoyant opening. The heart of the scent sails through spicy clove and the aquatic elegance of jasmine water lily, setting a course through a sea of blooms. Anchoring this maritime journey is a base of vetiver’s subtle earthiness, cedar’s sturdy warmth, and a touch of powdery musk, lending a comforting finish to the complex and refreshing olfactory landscape.

Ceramic Hand Care Tray

Elevate the daily ritual of hand care with this elegant Ceramic Hand Care Tray, a must-have addition to any LAFCO body care collection. Designed to cradle your cherished LAFCO liquid soap and hand cream, this tray is a statement of sophistication in any setting.

Slipping gracefully into a stocking, it promises to enhance the beauty of your loved one’s vanity or bathroom counter. Presented in a tasteful white box, it is gift-ready and waiting to be adorned with just a simple bow for a touch of festive charm.

Wick Trimmer & Snuffer

Elevate the ritual of candle burning with this indispensable Wick Trimmer & Snuffer, a perfect complement to any votive or full-size candle gift. This sleek tool is designed for the aficionado who appreciates the finer details, ensuring a clean burn and the longevity of their cherished scents.

With precision and ease, it neatly trims wicks to the ideal length and extinguishes flames without any trace of smoke, preserving the purity of the fragrance. A gift that is both practical and thoughtful, this duo promises to enhance the candle enthusiast’s experience with each flickering flame.

Doing some last-minute holiday shopping? If you don’t have time to wait around for shipping, consider slipping a LAFCO gift certificate into your loved one’s stocking. You can print it out after purchase or send it directly to the giftee’s inbox.

LAFCO gift certificates are available in denominations from $50 to $500 and include a free gift message. Gift certificates are valid for any purchase made on LAFCO.com.

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