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A Fragrant Feast: How LAFCO Can Complement Your Holiday Dinner

Fragrance isn’t just about pleasant scents, it’s a sensory journey that can stir feelings and memories, closely intertwined with how we perceive taste. The simple truth is that the joy of savoring a meal often hinges on the interplay of aromas and flavors.

As winter approaches, the idea of incorporating fragrance into your holiday dishes becomes an intriguing possibility, one that can genuinely enhance your dining experience. It’s not just about setting the right mood, it’s about elevating the flavors of the dishes you serve.

In this article, we’ll explore how LAFCO fragrances can complement your winter holiday dinners, revealing how these carefully crafted scents can enhance your culinary creations.

1. Use LAFCO Fragranced Candles as Centerpieces

Each LAFCO candle is presented in a handblown glass vessel. These vessels are carefully chosen to complement the fragrance and designed to capture the light of a flickering flame, creating a beautiful display worthy of any holiday table.

Any of the candles from the LAFCO Holiday Collection would make a wonderful centerpiece. Try out one of this year’s seasonal scents:

  • White Maple Bourbon – Presented in a creamy white glass vessel, this fragrance features smoky notes of barrel-aged bourbon, warm maple wood, and sweet vanilla bean. It’s available in the 6.5-ounce Classic, 15.5-ounce Signature, and 30-ounce 3-wick sizes.
  • Woodland Spruce – Presented in a rich green glass vessel, this winter fragrance features woody notes of birch bark, earthy palo santo wood, and fresh evergreen spruce. It’s available in the 6.5-ounce Classic, 15.5-ounce Signature, and 30-ounce 3-wick sizes.
  • Midnight Currant – Presented in a brilliant red glass vessel, this cheery fragrance features juicy notes of dark red currant and blackberry, tangy rhubarb, and aromatic cedar and cypress. It’s available in the 6.5-ounce Classic and 15.5-ounce Signature sizes.

If table space is at a premium, a full-size candle might not be the ideal solution. Consider the Holiday Votive Trio instead. Presented in a decorative holiday box, this set includes a 1.9-ounce votive in each of the three seasonal scents above. It would also make an excellent host gift.

2. Create Holiday-Themed Cocktail and Fragrance Pairings

A delicious holiday meal wouldn’t be complete without a perfect beverage pairing. Make this holiday season one to remember with these delicious cocktails and mocktails inspired by LAFCO holiday fragrances.

  • Orange French 75 – Orange and lemon juice give this gin cocktail a freshness while a bubbly champagne topper gives it that celebratory sparkle.
  • Salted Caramel Bourbon Cocktail – Perfectly indulgent, this cocktail features bourbon, caramel sauce, and cream. It’s best served in a caramel- and maple sugar-rimmed glass.
  • Frosted Berry Mocktail – Sweet redcurrant jam flavored with rosemary simple syrup gives this cranberry juice cocktail a holiday feel.
  • Molasses Whiskey Sour – Impress your guests with this sweet and spiced cocktail, full of bourbon and molasses flavor with just a hint of fresh lemon.
  • Spiced Orange Mocktail – Orange juice, apple cider, and spiced simple syrup form the foundation for this alcohol-free holiday beverage.

Find the recipes for these delicious cocktails here. Don’t see one that fits your tastes? Why not get creative and design a custom cocktail around your favorite LAFCO holiday fragrance?

3. Serve Beverages in Repurposed LAFCO Candle Vessels

Take your holiday beverage game up another notch by serving your guests drinks in repurposed LAFCO candle vessels. Choose colors according to the holiday: fall tones for Thanksgiving, red and green for Christmas, and blue and white for Hanukkah.

If you don’t already have a collection of LAFCO vessels on hand, here are some recommendations divided by color. Order now and enjoy the fragrances over the coming weeks so the empty vessels will be ready for reuse at your next holiday meal.

Preparing your LAFCO candle vessel for reuse is simple. You’ll just need to remove any leftover wax then thoroughly wash the vessel. Check out this guide for step-by-step instructions.

4. Incorporate Gourmand Scents to Accent Flavors

Holiday cooking is all about flavor with herbs and spices being front and center. What would Thanksgiving stuffing be without sage and thyme? A lamb roast without rosemary? Every family has their favorite holiday recipes and there’s a LAFCO fragrance sure to provide a perfect pairing.

Consider using one of the following gourmand fragrances at your next holiday meal:

  • Sage & Walnut – This fragrance presents with notes of sweet orange, fresh peppermint, and star anise before fading into a heart of lavender, artemisia, and Siberian pine. Underneath it awaits a blend of warm woody notes to complete the overall impression of walnut and juniper sage.
  • Celery Thyme – Light and refreshing, this eclectic fragrance blend features crisp notes of cucumber and tart celery seed, interwoven with herby purple basil, crushed thyme, and star anise.
  • Amber Black Vanilla – Featuring notes of black currant, lemon zest, orange, and raspberry, this warming fragrance also includes hints of sweet vanilla, smoky patchouli, and spicy clove.

Make this holiday season one to remember with LAFCO fragrance. Whether you seek to create a warm and welcoming ambiance for your guests or you’re looking for the perfect holiday gift, the LAFCO Holiday Collection has plenty to offer.

Don’t forget that any LAFCO product can be gift-wrapped with an accompanying gift message. Gift certificates and custom-built gift boxes are also available.

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