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Meet Our Newest Absolute Fragrance, Labdanum

LAFCO founder Jon Bresler created the Absolute Collection in collaboration with the oldest glassblowing studio in Bohemia, Glassworks Harrachov. It’s a modern collection inspired by the past that captures the essence of the world’s finest fragrances and pays homage to Bohemian glass making traditions dating back to the thirteenth century. Each inclusion in the Absolute Collection harnesses the power of highly concentrated fragrance oils to illuminate your space as well as your senses.

Each candle in the Absolute Collection is crafted using luxurious fragrance oils and presented in an artisanal hand blown glass vessel. Labdanum is the newest addition to the Absolute Collection. Here’s what you need to know about the rich fragrance of labdanum.

What is Labdanum?

Also known as ladanum or ladan, labdanum is a resin derived from various species of rockrose including Cistus ladanifer and Cistus criticus. Historically used in herbal medicine to treat coughs and colds, labdanum is largely used in the perfume industry today. Raw labdanum resin is extracted from the leaves and twigs of the Cistus shrub, used to extract an essential oil through the process of steam distillation. Labdanum absolute can be obtained using the solvent extraction method.

Labdanum has a rich, complex odor that is at once sweet or fruity and woody or leathery. Its value in perfumery is largely due to its similarity to ambergris, a substance produced in the digestive system of sperm whales that has a sweet, earthy scent. Because the sperm whale is an endangered species, ambergris is banned from use in many countries. Not only is labdanum valued for its resemblance to ambergris, but it is the main ingredient used in perfumery to create the scent of amber.

How to Utilize the Fragrance of Labdanum


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The multifaceted fragrance of Labdanum brings together notes of Cistus and floral accord, deepened with Labdanum Absolute and musk. Subtle notes of patchouli and vanilla give the fragrance warmth and depth to create an exotic amber fragrance that is grounded in its natural origins.

A Labdanum fragranced candle is the perfect home fragrance for fall. Its flickering light gently illuminates the home office, study, or reading nook as rich fragrance envelops you from head to toe. Feature your Labdanum candle in autumn-inspired centerpieces or let the hand blown glass vessel speak for itself, acting as a color accent on an end table or nestled among shelves of leather-bound books.

No matter where you choose to light your Labdanum candle, its earthy fragrance will help you create a warm and welcoming ambiance in your home.

What to Pair with It

The fragrance of labdanum has been described as musky, leathery, woody, sweet, and fruity. Not only does it pair well with other earthy and woody fragrances like oakmoss and cedar, but it blends nicely with floral, citrus, and herbal fragrances like rose, bergamot, and lavender.

The following LAFCO fragrances pair well with Labdanum:

  • Chamomile Lavender – Bright notes of bergamot lighten the rich, earthy fragrance of Labdanum, melding perfectly with middle notes of lavender and eucalyptus. This reed diffuser is available in the 6-ounce Classic or 15.5-ounce Signature sizes and is presented in a neutral-colored glass vessel with hand-cut reeds.
  • Amber – This rich fragrance combines the herbal scent of freshly-crushed coriander with smoky incense, velvety black orchid, and warm labdanum. Presented in a deep blue vessel, this fragranced candle is available in the 6-ounce Classic or 15.5-ounce Signature sizes.
  • White Grapefruit – Brighten any space with this fruity fragrance presented in a vibrant yellow glass vessel. Fresh notes of pineapple and grapefruit settle into a heart of orange blossom, white gardenia, and fern before giving way to subtle undertones of vetiver, applewood, and musk.
  • Vetiver Sage – Warm and welcoming, this woody and spicy fragrance works well with the richness of labdanum. This fragranced candle is available in the 6-ounce Classic or 15.5-ounce Signature sizes and features notes of white sage, black pepper, chamomile, and vetiver.
  • Lavender Amber – Presented in a rich purple glass vessel in the 6-ounce Classic or 15.5-ounce Signature sizes, this fragrance combines herbal notes of lavender and rosemary with the deep scents of musk, vanilla, and amber.
  • Feu de Bois – If you’re looking for another warm and woody fragrance, this scented candle brings together top notes of cedar, pine, and mountain spruce with middle notes of patchouli and sandalwood. Under it all awaits a cozy combination of frankincense and amber myrrh.

Aside from the fragrances above, perhaps the best pairings for Labdanum can be found within the Absolute Collection. This collection consists of seven exquisite fragrances inspired by nature and captured in a candle to deliver a unique aromatic experience.

Discover the other inclusions in the Absolute Collection like Lavender Flower and Forest Oakmoss to find the perfect pairing for Labdanum or build a giftbox to share the luxury of LAFCO fragrance with others.

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