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How to Integrate Candles Into Your Home Décor

The right fragrance can transport your mind to another place entirely but there truly is nowhere like home. Home is where your loved ones are. It’s where you rest your head at night. It’s also the place where you can really be yourself and the way you decorate your home is an expression of your style and personality. Scented candles are a great way to help you craft a home style that fits your unique personality.

Here are 7 ways to incorporate LAFCO fragranced candles in your home décor:

Use scented candles as bookends in the living room or library.


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Books make the perfect addition to any space because they bring a sense of warmth and familiarity. If you enjoy decorating with books, add some color and fragrance to the picture by using candles as bookends. Woody and spicy fragrances work well in the living room. Try Spiced Pomander, delivered in a warm brown vessel, or Amber Black Vanilla, presented in neutral beige.

Integrate candles into a centerpiece for your kitchen island.

Choose kitchen candles with fresh citrus scents like bergamot or lemon and look for colors that match the color palette of the room. Food-scented candles also work well in the kitchen. Citrus Berry is perfect for the kitchen and comes in a bright blue vessel. Orange Blossom, part of the Absolute Collection, is another good option and comes in a marbled yellow vessel.

If you want to decorate your kitchen table or island with candles but don’t want to clutter things up with too many elements, a single 86-ounce 4-wick LAFCO candle might be the perfect pick.

Create a cluster of candles on the bedroom dresser.


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The bedroom is a haven for rest, so it shouldn’t be cluttered. Simple décor schemes work well in the bedroom and candles are perfect. Select three to five of your favorite LAFCO fragranced candles and display them on top of your dresser or another surface in the bedroom. To intensify the light from your bedroom candles, place them on a mirrored tray or in front of a mirror.

Soothing scents are perfect for the bedroom. Try Chamomile Lavender and Lavender Amber.

Weave greenery between candles on the dining room table.

When you’re sharing a meal with family and friends, the focus should be on the food and on each other. A busy centerpiece can take up valuable space and could obstruct your view of others seated at the table. To give your table a little bit of class without the clutter, choose a few LAFCO candles in complementary colors and fragrances then weave pieces of greenery among them. During the holidays, use fresh pine boughs or garland.

Give your bathroom a spa-like appearance with LAFCO candles.


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The right fragrance can help you relax, and the gentle flame of a burning candle sets the stage for an at-home spa day. Place a scented candle on the top of the toilet tank or scatter them around the bathtub. To give your bathroom a finished look, place candles on a bath tray with your favorite LAFCO soaps.

The bathroom is a place you want to smell fresh and clean, so try fragrances like Marine or Sea & Dune. Presented in light blue and gray glass vessels, these candles are right at home in many bathroom color palettes.

Take advantage of window sills to display candles.

Whether you’re trying to take advantage of every bit of open space or you want to give your room a pop of color, something as simple as placing a candle on the windowsill can make a difference. If color is what you’re after, a bright green candle like Mint Tisane might fit the bill – or the marbled pink of a Rose de Mai candle. For neutral color schemes, try Lavender Flower or Feu de Bois.

Warm up your reading nook with a few candles.


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A good book can take your mind to another place, and so can a good fragrance. Make your reading nook feel extra cozy with the warm light of a flickering candle. Gentle fragrances like Retreat are perfect for this application, or something light like Champagne.

If you choose to incorporate candles into your home décor, be sure to use them safely. To get the most out of your LAFCO candle, trim the wick to ¼ inch above the wax before each burn and let the wax melt across the entire surface of the candle before extinguishing it. Keep candles away from drafts and flammable objects or materials, and never leave a lit candle unattended.

Want to take your candle knowledge to the next level? Learn how to layer fragrances and create a unique ambiance in each room of your home.

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