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9 of the Best Ways to Fragrance Your Home

Is there a certain smell that makes you feel relaxed? Or a particular scent that reminds you of your childhood? Fragrances have the power to change your state of mind and your feelings, for better or worse. With the right fragrance, you can create ambiance or even set the stage for romance. Plus, adding a pleasant fragrance to your home can help cover up your furry friends’ natural aromas.

Whether you’re looking for a way to transport your mind to another more peaceful place or you simply enjoy trying different scents, adding fragrance to your home is easy. Read on to learn the top 9 ways to fragrance your home, both naturally and with LAFCO New York’s luxuriously fragranced products.

The Benefits of Fragrance for Your Home

When you walk into someone else’s home, the scent is one of the first things you notice. Your nose will immediately pick up on lingering aromas as well as the not-so-subtle scents your host may be trying to cover up. If you want to create a welcoming experience for your own guests, fragrance is the perfect way to do it. With the help of the right fragrance, you can make your guests feel welcomed with the added benefit of disguising some of the unpleasant scents that might be lingering.

Here are some of the benefits of using fragrance in your home:

  • Ambiance and atmosphere. Something as simple as a scent can transport your mind to another place or make you feel even more at-home in your own home. Depending on the scent you choose, you can create a unique ambiance or an entirely different atmosphere in your home.
  • Artful decoration. Whether you choose to use a scented candle or a reed diffuser, adding fragrance to your home has an element of décor to it. Greet your guests as soon as they walk through the door with a fragrance that makes them feel welcome.
  • Relaxation and romance. The right fragrance can help you create a romantic setting lit by candlelight or help you clear your mind of the day’s worries.
  • Self-care and mental health. Taking care of your body and mind is easy with the help of the right fragrance. Choosing a soothing or relaxing scent will instill a sense of wellbeing, helping you let go of stress and anxiety for a more relaxed state of mind.
  • Triggering pleasant memories. Your sense of smell is closely tied to your memory and even a simple scent can recall to your mind memories from the past. Recreate a certain time in your life or a specific feeling with the right fragrance.

It doesn’t take a lot to awaken your sense of smell and trigger memories or feelings. If you’re looking for a simple way to fragrance your home, there are plenty of options to consider.

The Top 9 Ways to Fragrance Your Home

At LAFCO New York, our goal is to create a positive memory through fragrance. We offer a wide variety of scented home care products, all featuring fragrances designed to deliver the maximum impact. Choose from a wide variety of floral, fruity, and herbal fragrances, just to name a few, in numerous different forms to bring fragrance to your home or try one of the other options listed below.

Here are nine wonderful ways to fragrance your home:

  1. Fresh Flowers – Not only will fresh flowers brighten up your room with a burst of color, but the natural fragrance will warm your heart as well. Some of the most fragrant flowers to use include jasmine, gardenia, begonia, lavender, and orchids.
  2. Fragranced Candles – Warm your home with a long-lasting fragrance using a LAFCO New York fragranced candle. Available in three sizes, including both single- and triple-wick options, these candles are hand-poured in art glass vessels, so they look as good as they smell.
  3. Potpourri – A natural way to fragrance your home, potpourri consists of dried flower petals and spices. There are a wide variety of fragrance options out there, or you can create your own using whole spices and dried flowers from your own garden.
  4. Homemade Air Freshener – Whip up a homemade air freshener in an 8-ounce spray bottle with just ¾ cup water, 2 tablespoons vodka, and your choice of essential oils. Feel free to choose your favorite essential oil fragrance or combine a few to create a more complex depth of fragrance.
  5. Reed Diffusers – For a subtle fragrance that lasts for months, consider a reed diffuser from LAFCO New York. Our reed diffusers are crafted with premium quality fragrances and delivered in handblown art glass vessels with hand-cut reeds to fill your home with luxurious fragrance.
  6. Fresh Herbs – Bring the outdoors into your home by growing fresh herbs indoors. Not only will their natural fragrance fill the room, but you’ll be able to enjoy them in your home cooking too.
  7. Scented Room Mist – A quick spritz with a LAFCO New York room mist is all it takes to change up the ambiance and atmosphere in your home. Choose from a wide variety of scents including chamomile lavender, fresh cut gardenia, and duchess peony.
  8. Bake Cookies – When baking cookies, it doesn’t take long for the aroma to fill the entire house. If you’re looking for a quick, mouthwatering way to fragrance your home, why not whip up a batch of your favorite cookies? The bonus is you’ll get to eat them too!
  9. Stove Simmer – If you’re not quite the baking type, you can still fragrance your home with a similar strategy by putting a pot of aromatic ingredients on the stove. Combine your favorite fruits, herbs, and spices and set it to simmer for a warmth that will permeate the whole house.

If you’re looking for a way to fragrance your home but you haven’t quite settled on the right scent, try LAFCO New York’s Discovery Trio sampling program. Enjoy sample sizes of three fragranced candles for just $16 and receive a coupon code for $16 off your next purchase. Learn more about LAFCO’s fragrances or use the Fragrance Finder to find your perfect fragrance match.

  1. Do you find it helpful in creating that relaxing feeling throughout the house to limit your fragrance to just one and use all your products in that one scent? I like to have the more herbal scents in my kitchen and the watery ones in the bath and florals in the living spaces. I love each room, but I don’t feel like I’m getting that overall feeling of maximum impact adjusting to each scent as I move through the house.

    1. Hi Claudia! Thanks for your comment. If you’re having trouble adjusting to different scents as you move through the house, definitely try to keep them to the same category. For example, all “floral” or all “fruity”.

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