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How to Choose the Right Soap

When your soap dispenser is running low, you probably head to the drug store to grab a new bottle. All soap looks the same, but is it? All it takes is a quick glance at the label to see the stark difference between a generic inexpensive soap brand and one made with quality ingredients. If you’re looking for a soap that does more than just clean, consider LAFCO bar soap or hand soap.

Shopping for soap doesn’t have to be complicated, but you may want to start putting a little more thought into it than you may have been. Considering your skin type and checking the list of ingredients are steps in the process you might be skipping, and it could be a detriment to your skin in the long run.

Read on to learn more about determining your skin type and how to choose the right soap. You’ll also learn what makes LAFCO soap unique as well as receive helpful tips for safe and effective hand washing.

Do You Know Your Skin Type?

There are five common skin types: normal, dry, oily, combination, and sensitive. Knowing your skin type is the key to understanding how your skin reacts to certain products – it will also help you shop for personal care products according to your skin concerns. Skin type is typically determined by genetics, though certain daily habits and environmental factors may have an influence as well.

Here’s a quick overview of the most common skin types:

  • Normal – Also known as well-balanced skin, normal skin is neither oily nor dry. The tone is generally pretty even with no significant shine, flaking, or blemishes.
  • Dry – This skin type produces less sebum than normal skin and, as a result, lacks the oils needed to retain moisture. Dry skin may feel tight and can look rough and dull.
  • Oily – People with oily skin produce too much sebum – their skin may have a glossy shine with more visible pores and may be more prone to breakouts.
  • Combination – A mix of skin types, people with combination skin may have different skin types between the T-zone and the cheeks.
  • Sensitive – This skin type may exhibit the characteristics of dry, oily, or combination skin but may also experience higher levels of redness and irritation.

Knowing your skin type is extremely important when shopping for personal care products including soap, lotion, and cosmetics. Using the wrong product for your skin type could exacerbate existing skin problems or trigger new ones. Fortunately, all LAFCO products are hypoallergenic to reduce the risk of triggering a reaction and made with natural, premium-quality ingredients.

Tips for Shopping for Soap

All soap is not created equal, and the perfect soap for your skin might not be the right choice for someone else. The best place to start your search is with a trustworthy brand that uses high-quality, natural ingredients and proven methods. Traditionally, soap was made using fat, lye, and water to trigger a chemical process called saponification. Soap can be made using a variety of methods, but there’s something authentic about choosing a product that honors these traditions.

When shopping for soap, it’s important to check the ingredients. Harsh chemicals and synthetic additives could irritate your skin or lead to other health problems.

Here are the top 4 ingredients to avoid in soap:

  • Parabens – Often used as preservatives in personal care products, parabens mimic the behavior of natural hormones like estrogen in the body.
  • Sulfates – Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and sodium laureth sulfate (SLES) are used as foaming and sudsing agents in soaps but have been linked to skin and eye irritation as well as organ toxicity.
  • 1,4-Dioxane – A contaminant found in many personal care products, this substance has been identified as a potential carcinogen and may irritate the eyes and respiratory tract.
  • Triclosan – Used as an antibacterial and antifungal agent in consumer products, triclosan has been linked to hormonal imbalance and organ system toxicity.

In addition to making sure the soap doesn’t contain ingredients that will harm your skin, you should also make sure it contains ingredients that will benefit it. Nourishing oils like olive oil and argan oil are preferable to inexpensive options like canola oil and palm oil. Naturally derived fragrances are a must and you should look for a product that delivers a rich, creamy lather for a thorough clean.

What Makes LAFCO Soap The Right Choice?

As a consumer, it’s important to shop smart and that means choosing products made with high-quality ingredients you can trust. LAFCO bar soaps are made with extra-virgin olive oil and superfatted with argan oil to create a rich, creamy lather that soothes and hydrates the skin while cleansing. LAFCO hand soaps are enriched with wheat proteins for enhanced moisture retention and all LAFCO soaps are hypoallergenic and free from synthetic ingredients.

What truly makes the difference with LAFCO soaps is the skin-supporting omega fatty acids. Olive oil is rich in both oleic and linoleic fatty acids as well as powerful antioxidants and beta carotene. These compounds repair free radical damage on the skin, stimulate skin cell generation, and help relieve skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. Though LAFCO soaps are particularly beneficial for people with dry and sensitive skin, they are perfect for all skin types.

When shopping for LAFCO soap, consider these fragrances:

  • Marine Liquid Soap – Invocative of the scent of sea air, this fresh fragrance is enhanced by wet floral notes of water lily, sea jasmine, and rose. You’ll also notice undertones of bergamot, jasmine, and vetiver as a perfect pairing with luminous marine notes.
  • Feu de Bois Bar Soap – If you’re looking for a warm, soothing fragrance this is one to consider. It brings to mind the image of a crackling fire burning down to embers, filling the room with smoky frankincense and notes of leather, sandalwood, and pine.
  • Sea & Dune Liquid Soap – Close your eyes and inhale the scent of a beautiful sea day spent running over gentle hills of sand. This fragrance combines the scents of watery blue lotus and beach grass with hints of amber sand and ginger.
  • Champagne Bar Soap – Delight in luxury with this sparkling scent that brings to mind the memory of a lazy Sunday brunch. Enjoy a fragrant combination of grapefruit, Tuscan lemon, and ginger calmed by notes of rose, neroli, and verbena.
  • Fresh Cut Gardenia Liquid Soap – Breathe in the scent of fresh-cut gardenias bursting from a crystal vase sparkling in the late-morning sun. Enhanced with notes of orange blossom and ylang ylang, this fragrance is accented with hints of pineapple and cedar.
  • Rosemary Eucalyptus Bar Soap – This clean, bracing aroma clears the mind and invigorates the soul. Creamy patchouli wraps itself around an herbaceous quartet of fresh basil, eucalyptus, rosemary, and juniper berry.

All LAFCO soaps are fragranced with perfume-grade, essential oil-based fragrances to ensure a long-lasting, natural scent. Every product is uniquely palm oil-free and free form sulfates, parabens, and other synthetic ingredients. LAFCO soaps are made to look good, smell good, and make you feel good.

Healthy Tips for Washing Your Hands

Over-washing or washing your hands improperly can lead to dry, irritated skin but that doesn’t mean you should skip it. Hand washing is essential for good hygiene and for protecting yourself and others against the spread of disease. Choosing the right soap is important and LAFCO soap is formulated to gently cleanse without irritating your skin. Plus, it is full of hydrating, moisturizing ingredients.

Here are some simple tips for washing your hands properly:

  • Wash your hands before and after preparing food, touching your face, and making physical contact with another person – especially if one of you is sick.
  • Wet your hands with warm water then apply the soap and work it into a lather for at least 20 seconds – hum the Happy Birthday song twice through in your head to get the timing right.
  • When rubbing in the soap, be sure to get the backs of your hands, between your fingers, and under your nails.
  • Rinse well with warm water – there’s no need to rinse with very hot water and if the water is too hot, it could dry out your hands.
  • Apply LAFCO hand cream after washing your hands to protect against moisture loss while restoring and repairing dry skin.

A good soap does more than just clean your skin – it also protects it. LAFCO bar soap and liquid soaps are made with premium natural ingredients, enriched with plant-based oils to deliver long-lasting hydration. Our products are free from harmful additives that dry out and damage your skin, so you can feel good about washing up with LAFCO soap. Choose from our large collection of scents or use the Fragrance Finder to be paired with your perfect match.

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