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How Many Reeds Should I Put in A Diffuser?

When it comes to home fragrance, there’s a solution for every situation. While scented candles and room mists are ideal when you want to quickly freshen up your space, reed diffusers are the go-to for long-lasting fragrance. You can even customize the fragrance intensity and optimize dispersal with proper use and careful placement.

Reed diffusers are easy to use, and they offer a “set it and forget” style of home fragrance. The secret to getting the most out of your diffuser, however, is in the reeds themselves. Here’s what you need to know.

Start with the Right Reeds

A reed diffuser is simply a vessel that contains fragrance oil and reeds (also known as diffuser sticks). The reeds absorb the oil and, as it evaporates from the tip, the fragrance is dispersed into the air. High-quality fragrance oil is a must, but natural reed materials like rattan offer better absorption and more even fragrance dispersal than synthetic alternatives.

Adjust Fragrance Intensity by Adding Reeds

When you purchase a reed diffuser, don’t assume you have to use all the reeds it comes with. The size of the diffuser determines how much fragrance oil it can hold as well as the number of reeds, but there’s an art to using a reed diffuser properly. The more reeds you add the stronger the scent. The question, then, is how intense you want the fragrance to be.

Whether you purchase the Classic 6oz or the Signature 15oz size, every LAFCO reed diffuser comes with eight natural rattan reeds. The ideal number of reeds to use depends on the size of the room as well as your sensitivity to fragrance, but a good rule of thumb is to start with four reeds.

Allow 24 hours for the fragrance to disperse after adding the reeds then assess whether you’d prefer a stronger fragrance. If so, add another reed and give it another 24 hours then repeat the process as needed until you find the perfect balance.

Flip the Reeds to Refresh Your Fragrance

Reed diffusers offer long-lasting fragrance in comparison to short-acting solutions like scented candles. As the reeds become saturated, however, fragrance intensity may diminish. Fortunately, it’s easy to refresh the fragrance by flipping the reeds over to expose the saturated end to the air.

Avoid the temptation to flip the reeds too frequently, as it can cause your fragrance oil to evaporate more quickly. Wait at least 7 days before flipping the reeds a second time or set a routine of flipping a few reeds at a time, if you can keep track of them. When all the fragrance oil in your diffuser is gone, it’s best to start with a fresh set of reeds if you’re going to wash and reuse the vessel.

3 Beginner-Friendly LAFCO Fragrances

If you’ve never used a reed diffuser before, it might take some time to get the hang of it. Starting with just a few reeds is key to avoiding an overwhelming scent experience but you may also want to stick to subtle fragrances at first.

Here are a few gentle, beginner-friendly fragrances we recommend:

  • Champagne – This uplifting fragrance blend features bright notes of neroli and grapefruit interwoven with fruity overtones and a delicately floral base. It’s perfect for creating a peaceful but positive ambiance.
  • Marine – Looking for something clean and refreshing? This fragrance blend combines hints of citrus with floral jasmine water lily and breezy marine accord. It’s ideal for bathrooms and guest spaces.
  • Feu de Bois – You can’t go wrong with a classic combination of warm woody fragrances like cedar, spruce, sandalwood, and pine. A rich base of amber and frankincense gives this blend a warm and inviting foundation.

Not sure what kind of fragrance will suit your tastes?

Try the LAFCO Fragrance Finder to narrow down the options then sample your three favorites with a customized Discovery Trio. When you’re ready to purchase your first reed diffuser, you’ll have a $20 promotional credit in your email inbox ready and waiting.

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