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Your Father’s Day Gift Guide from LAFCO

This Father’s Day, show your dad just how much you appreciate everything he’s done with a thoughtful gift from LAFCO New York. Give all the dads in your life the gift of premium essential oil-based fragrance in the form of a LAFCO scented candle, room mist, or luxurious soap.

Retreat Signature Scented Candle

Transform any space into a serene sanctuary with the Retreat Signature Scented Candle. Perfect for fathers who appreciate moments of tranquility, this candle offers a harmonious blend of chamomile, lavender, and sage. Its calming aroma creates a peaceful environment, ideal for unwinding after a long day. Packaged in an elegant glass vessel, it not only provides a soothing scent but also adds a touch of sophistication to any room.

Redwood Signature Scented Candle

Bring the majestic essence of a redwood forest into your father’s home with the Redwood Signature Scented Candle. This luxurious candle captures the earthy aroma of wood and greenery, mingled with hints of sandalwood and cedar. It’s perfect for dads who love the great outdoors or simply appreciate a warm, grounding fragrance. The stylish packaging makes it a stunning addition to any space, enhancing both the ambiance and decor.

Big Sky Signature Scented Candle

For the father with a spirit of adventure, the Big Sky Signature Scented Candle is an ideal gift. This candle evokes the vastness of open landscapes with notes of fresh air, pine, and a hint of citrus. It’s a scent that inspires freedom and exploration, perfect for dads who love to dream big. The elegant design ensures it’s a standout piece, whether in a cozy den or a modern living room.

Sea & Dune Room Mist

Transport your father to the serene shores with the Sea & Dune Room Mist. This room mist blends the fresh, breezy scent of the ocean with hints of sand and sea grass, creating a tranquil and refreshing atmosphere. Ideal for dads who love the beach or need a mental escape to the coast, this mist can instantly uplift and rejuvenate any room. Its elegant bottle design makes it a stylish addition to any home, adding both fragrance and decor appeal.

Marine Bar Soap

Treat your dad to a refreshing and invigorating cleansing experience with the Marine Bar Soap. This soap features a crisp, ocean-inspired scent with notes of sea salt and white musk, perfect for a rejuvenating shower. Its rich lather and moisturizing properties ensure a luxurious feel, making it a delightful daily indulgence. The beautifully crafted soap is an excellent addition to any grooming routine, offering both practicality and a touch of elegance.

If you’re not sure what your dad might like, you can’t go wrong with a LAFCO gift certificate. Available in amounts from $50 to $500, gift certificates are currently 10% off. Stock up on savings for future gifts!

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