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Diffuser Refills: Exploring the Full Range of LAFCO’s Signature Scents

When it comes to creating a long-lasting, inviting atmosphere in your home or office, reed diffusers are an exceptional choice. Unlike scented candles and room sprays, which provide fragrance for only a few hours, reed diffusers offer continuous scent diffusion for weeks or even months. This makes them perfect for layering fragrances and maintaining a consistent aromatic environment. You can easily adjust the intensity of the fragrance by adding, removing, or flipping the reeds, giving you complete control over your space’s ambiance.

Each LAFCO reed diffuser set is a blend of elegance and functionality, featuring a beautifully crafted ornamental glass vessel, a vial of essential oil-based fragrance oil, and a selection of natural rattan reeds. Available in two convenient sizes, these diffusers provide up to 9 months of continuous fragrance, ensuring your space always smells fresh and inviting.

The true beauty of LAFCO reed diffusers lies not just in their initial offering but in their enduring reusability. Each handblown glass vessel is a work of art that can be creatively repurposed or effortlessly reused with LAFCO’s extensive range of reed diffuser refills. This sustainability and versatility make LAFCO diffusers a smart and stylish choice for any space.

Explore the collection below and discover the perfect scent to complement your environment.

Fresh and Uplifting Blends

When you need a boost of energy or simply want to invigorate your living space, fresh and uplifting fragrances are the perfect choice. These blends are designed to awaken the senses, providing a crisp, clean ambiance that refreshes and revitalizes.

Sea & Dune

Fresh and light, this fragrance bland captures the essence of a warm summer day spent by the sea. You’ll notice hints of fresh lemon, watery blue lotus, and spicy coastal lily over a base of ginger, amber, and warm sand.

Rosemary Eucalyptus

Clear your mind as you deeply inhale the aroma of tangy juniper, fresh eucalyptus, and earthy patchouli balanced against herbal notes of rosemary, basil, and sage.


Bright but delicate, this crisp scent blends the aroma of marine water, jasmine water lily, and bergamot with warming hints of vetiver, cedar, and musk.


This effervescent fragrance blend presents with sparkling notes of mandarin, grapefruit, and ginger that settle into a heart of sweet neroli and spicy ginger. Underneath awaits a gentle foundation of verbena, vetiver, and rose.

Celery Thyme

Herbal notes of crushed thyme and purple basil intermingle with tart celery seed, crisp cucumber, and spicy star anise in this invigorating aroma.

Floral and Fruity Fragrances

Whether you’re prepping for summer or simply want to cultivate a fresh, clean scent profile in your home, these fresh and floral fragrances are up to the task.

Fresh Cut Gardenia

As delicate as a bouquet of fresh flowers, this fragrance blends bright top notes of lemon, apple, and leafy greens with a heart of gardenia, neroli, and orange flower.

Duchess Peony

This elegant floral blend captures the essence of luscious peony blooms mingled with pink rose, camellia, and floral musk. Hints of rain mist and cassis berries give the fragrance and light touch.

French Lilac

At once herbal and floral, this refreshing fragrance features top notes of lemon, orange, carnation, and lily. A heart of lilac, rose, heliotrope, and jasmine blooms then mellows into a lasting impression of hawthorne and hyacinth.

Star Magnolia

With top notes of neroli, bergamot, and bamboo leaves, this fragrance has a vibrant presentation that shifts seamlessly into an intoxicating heart of magnolia, rose, and floral herbs.

White Grapefruit

Bright and uplifting, this fragrance blend features sparkling citrus, delicate floral, and grounding fruit wood notes. It brings to mind summer afternoons spent by the pool in a tropical paradise.

Calming, Warming, and Inviting Scents

Make your house feel like home with one of these warm and inviting fragrances or soothe away stress with a calming fragrance blend.

Chamomile Lavender

Cultivate a calming ambiance with this soothing scent. Top notes of bergamot and chamomile blend with floral lavender and fresh eucalyptus before settling into a lasting impression of rosemary, honey flower, and patchouli.

Feu de Bois

Warming notes of sandalwood, cedar, and pine mingle with smoky patchouli, fresh pine, and resinous amber in this comforting fragrance blend.

Amber Black Vanilla

This welcoming fragrance blend features inviting top notes of lemon, orange, raspberry, and black currant. A gently floral heart aids the transition into a warm foundation of amber, patchouli, vanilla, and musk.


Transport your mind to a secluded sanctuary with this purifying blend. Spicy and herbal notes of ginger, mint, clary sage, and Timur pepper intermingle with bright bergamot, green matcha, and sacred palo santo wood.

Exotic Web-Exclusive Absolutes

The epitome of luxurious home fragrance, the absolute collection features luscious and exotic scents now exclusively available online in 15-ounce reed diffuser refills.

Lavender Flower

Lightly sweet, delicately floral, and crisply herbal, this luscious fragrance blend features notes of lavender absolute and rosemary balanced with hints of vanilla, amber, and musk.

Forest Oakmoss

Deliciously rich and verdant, this scent blend is intensely mossy at its heart with complex notes of cognac, opopanax, and labdanum woven throughout. Warming sandalwood and vetiver form a grounding foundation.


This multifaceted fragrance blend presents with a delicate floral aroma before developing into a complex heart of resinous labdanum absolute, amber, and musk. Hints of smoky patchouli and sweet vanilla arise as the fragrance fades.

Clary Sage

Earthy and herbaceous, this scent features top notes of chamomile and clary sage absolute balanced against a floral heart and a warm, woody base.

Balsam Black Pepper

Sparkling fir balsam absolute blends with notes of crisp eucalyptus and spicy black pepper to create a complex aroma. Hints of amber and cedarwood give it a touch of warmth for balance.

Making The Most Of Your LAFCO Diffuser Refill

To ensure optimal fragrance delivery and longevity from your LAFCO reed diffuser refill, it’s essential to properly prepare your diffuser vessel. Follow these steps to clean and refill your diffuser for the best results:

  1. Thoroughly Clean the Vessel: Start by cleaning your LAFCO reed diffuser vessel to remove any residual fragrance oil. This step is crucial to prevent old scents from mingling with the new fragrance, which can alter the intended aroma.
    • Add Dish Soap: Pour a few drops of mild dish soap into the empty vessel.
    • Fill with Hot Water: Fill the vessel with hot (but not boiling) water. The heat helps dissolve and lift the residual oils.
    • Swish and Soak: Swish the soapy water around inside the vessel to dislodge any remaining oil. Let it sit for a few minutes if needed.
    • Rinse Thoroughly: Empty the soapy water and rinse the vessel well with clean, warm water to remove all soap residues.
    • Dry Completely: Allow the vessel to air dry completely. Ensuring that it is fully dry prevents water from diluting the new fragrance oil.
  2. Refill with Fresh Fragrance Oil: Once the vessel is clean and dry, it’s ready to be refilled with your chosen LAFCO fragrance oil.
    • Pour the Oil: Carefully pour the LAFCO fragrance oil into the vessel. For best results, use the entire bottle of refill oil to ensure a balanced scent distribution.
    • Add New Reeds: Insert fresh natural rattan reeds into the vessel. Fresh reeds are important because they are more efficient at absorbing and diffusing the fragrance oil.
  3. Adjust Fragrance Intensity: You can control the intensity of the fragrance by the number of reeds you use and how often you flip them.
    • Increase Intensity: Add more reeds or flip the reeds more frequently to boost the scent.
    • Decrease Intensity: Remove a few reeds or flip them less often to soften the fragrance.
  4. Regular Maintenance: To maintain optimal fragrance performance, it’s a good idea to replace the reeds and clean the vessel periodically, about every 2 to 3 months.
    • Replace Reeds: Reeds can become saturated with oil over time and may lose their effectiveness. Replacing them ensures continuous scent diffusion.
    • Clean the Vessel: Regular cleaning prevents the buildup of old fragrance oil, maintaining the purity of the scent.

By following these steps, you can enjoy a consistent and long-lasting fragrance from your LAFCO reed diffuser refills, keeping your home or office pleasantly scented for months.

Looking to buy your first LAFCO reed diffuser? Check out the collection here.

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