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How to Choose the Right Soap

When your soap dispenser is running low, you probably head to the drug store to grab a new bottle. All soap looks the same, but is it? All it takes is a…

LAFCO 2020 Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Nothing says “Happy Mother’s Day” like a vase of fresh flowers. Unfortunately, even the brightest blooms will fade, sometimes more quickly than you expect. This Mother’s Day give a floral gift that…

How to Grow Basil in Your LAFCO Repurposed Candle Vessel

Nothing transforms a room like a wonderful fragrance. The zest scent of white grapefruit can awaken the senses, breathing life into a tired space. Herbal fragrances like lavender casts a gentle calm,…

The LAFCO Soap Difference

Soap has been reinvented a hundred different ways. From foaming hand soap to waterless hand cleaner, the options are endless. There’s nothing wrong with innovation, but Jon Bresler, CEO and founder of…

The History of LAFCO New York

Luxury is not defined by a price tag. It’s an attitude developed through years of dedication to precision, quality, and tradition. LAFCO New York is a luxury brand that gives customers a…

What is LAFCO Doing to Give Back?

In the midst of the current pandemic, we at LAFCO feel it is our duty to step up and give back to the community, now more than ever. Basic hygiene and sanitation…

LAFCO Spring 2020 Product Guide

When the snow finally melts and the flowers start to poke up through the ground, the world feels new. Spring is a time of new beginnings and fresh starts. After putting away…

LAFCO 2020 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

With Valentine’s Day rapidly approaching, you may be wondering what to get that special someone. Drugstore cards, store-bought carnations, and expensive chocolates are V-day traditions, but they don’t really send a personal…

How LAFCO Soap is Made

When your soap dish is full of suds with a sliver of soap floating around, you probably head to your linen closet for a new bar of LAFCO fragranced bar soap. When…

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