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5 Benefits of Soy Candles: Why You Should Buy Soy Candles Over Anything Else

Candles have the transformative power to elevate the ordinary to extraordinary, seamlessly infusing your home with a chosen essence and warmth. However, when it comes to selecting the right scented candle, the fragrance is only a fragment of the story. Beyond the allure of the scent, the true essence of a premium candle experience lies within its core component—the wax.

As you navigate the array of scented candles, it’s crucial to peer beyond the fragrance title adorning the label and consider the composition of the candle itself. The wax type is a fundamental element that not only carries the scent but also defines the candle’s burn quality and longevity. Soy wax stands out as a stellar choice for the discerning consumer, offering a suite of benefits that enhance the aromatic journey.

From its clean burn to its enduring fragrance, soy wax emerges as the epitome of candle luxury. It’s an environmentally conscious selection that elevates the act of lighting a candle into a statement of sophistication and sustainability. Dive into the world of soy candles and discover the reasons why, when it comes to selecting a scented candle, soy wax reigns supreme.

What is Soy Wax & Why Do LAFCO Candles Use It?

Soy wax may seem like a contemporary innovation, but its roots are deeply entwined with a long-standing agricultural staple: the humble soybean. Prolific in the United States and a key player in the health food industry, the soybean’s versatility extends far beyond the plate, offering its benefits to the world of home fragrance.

Soy wax is a marvel of transformation, originating from the oil drawn out from soybeans. This oil, when hydrogenated, undergoes a metamorphosis into a new form—solid at room temperature, yet ready to melt and release its stored fragrance when introduced to the warmth of a candle flame.

The journey of soy wax from bean to candle is a careful process. It begins with the harvesting and cleaning of soybeans, followed by cracking, dehulling, and pressing them into flakes. These flakes are the source of the precious oil, which, through hydrogenation, is turned into the creamy, smooth wax that has revolutionized the candle-making industry.

This plant-based wax offers a clean and sustainable alternative to traditional waxes, carrying with it not only the potential for a beautiful burn but also the peace of mind that comes from making an environmentally conscious choice.

5 Reasons Soy Candles are Better

The allure of a beautifully scented candle can transform any space, but not all candles are created equal. For those accustomed to the commonplace, mass-produced options, the switch to a premium soy candle can be revelatory. Soy candles don’t just light up a room; they do so with a conscientious flair that sets them apart. Here are five reasons why soy candles stand out as the superior choice:

1. It is a natural and renewable alternative

Soy wax candles represent a conscious shift towards sustainability and natural living. Unlike paraffin wax, which is a byproduct of the petroleum industry, soy wax is derived from a vegetable source—soybeans—a renewable and biodegradable resource that underscores a commitment to environmental responsibility.

While paraffin wax has been the traditional go-to for its low cost and reliable burn, the move to soy is driven by a growing awareness of its benefits. Soy wax is not just solid at room temperature and capable of delivering a satisfying burn. The critical difference lies in the burn-off.Soy wax is celebrated for its cleaner burn, free from the worry of introducing toxins into the air you breathe.

2. Soy wax burns cleaner than paraffin.

Soy wax’s reputation for burning cleanly is not just a claim—it’s a fact that distinguishes it from its paraffin counterpart.

Soy wax’s lower burning temperature results in a candle that not only lasts longer but also maintains the cleanliness of your living space. This characteristic of soy wax ensures that the candle’s glow is as pure as the ambiance it creates.

Moreover, candles crafted with substandard materials and artificial fragrances carry the risk of releasing toxins into the air, posing a potential threat to air quality and acting as a possible trigger for allergic reactions. Soy wax candles, often scented with natural oils, offer a safer alternative, minimizing the likelihood of indoor air pollution and allergic triggers.

3. It lasts longer due to a low melting point.

One of the most compelling reasons to choose soy wax candles is their impressive longevity, a trait that stems from soy wax’s lower melting point. This characteristic allows soy candles to burn at a slower, more even rate than their paraffin counterparts. The result is a wax pool that extends across the entire surface of the candle, preventing the common pitfall of tunneling—a phenomenon that not only wastes wax but also shortens the candle’s life.

The longevity of soy wax means that, while the initial investment in a premium product like LAFCO soy candles may be higher, the cost per hour of enjoyment is actually lower. Each candle is a commitment to lasting quality and an embodiment of value. The extended burn time ensures that your moments of relaxation and enjoyment are maximized, making the investment in a luxury soy candle not just a choice of quality but also one of economy.

4. Soy wax is a strong fragrance carrier.

The essence of a candle’s appeal often lies in its ability to diffuse a captivating fragrance that can transform the ambiance of any space. While the choice of scent is a personal one, the candle’s ability to deliver that scent effectively is universal. Many candles available in the market, particularly those found at drugstores, rely on chemical additives to amplify their fragrance—a necessity when using a base wax, like paraffin, which has a poor scent retention capacity.

Soy wax distinguishes itself as a potent fragrance carrier without the need for such additives. Its natural composition allows it to hold and retain the essence of even the most subtle aromas. Thanks to its lower melting point and slower burn rate, soy wax releases scents gradually and consistently, ensuring an even fragrance distribution throughout the life of the candle.

5. It is easier to clean up after spills.

The aftermath of a candle spill can turn an otherwise serene moment into a test of patience, especially when dealing with traditional waxes like paraffin. Its stubborn, nonbiodegradable nature often necessitates a cleanup operation that can be both laborious and frustrating, involving aggressive scrubbing and potentially damaging chemicals.

Enter the user-friendly alternative: soy wax. As a vegetable-based wax, soy is not only more environmentally friendly but also remarkably more forgiving when accidents happen. Its biodegradable property means that a simple combination of hot water and soap can effortlessly dissolve and remove any spills, leaving behind no lasting residue.

This ease of cleanup extends the life of your candle vessels as well. Soy wax’s milder nature means that once the candle has burned down, the container can be repurposed with minimal effort. A quick wash restores the vessel to a like-new condition, ready for a second life as a home for plants, a holder for trinkets, or any other creative reuse you can imagine.

Discover the LAFCO Difference: Elevate Your Candle Experience

Selecting a LAFCO soy candle is more than a choice—it’s an investment in quality and ambiance. The refined craft that goes into each LAFCO candle ensures that with the proper care, your candle will burn not just with a flame, but with excellence. The key to unlocking the full potential of your soy candle lies in its maintenance: allowing the wax to melt evenly across the surface to prevent tunneling, and keeping the wick neatly trimmed for a steady, beautiful burn.

Curious to experience the superior burn of soy wax? LAFCO invites you to explore the nuanced world of luxury candles with the Discovery Trio. This special offer includes three sample-sized candles, each encased in a travel-friendly tin, for an introductory price of just $20. It’s an opportunity to witness firsthand how a premium soy candle from LAFCO holds its own against the everyday drugstore candle.

Should the LAFCO candles captivate you—as we trust they will—your initial $20 investment becomes a stepping stone: you’ll receive a $20 discount on your next purchase of a full-sized LAFCO candle.

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