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Introducing The Absolute Collection

LAFCO has a long history of crafting unique fragrances and presenting them in artful ways. The Absolute Collection represents LAFCO’s commitment to natural ingredients, traditional craftsmanship, and principled practices, bringing a new level of artistry to home fragrance. Read on to learn more about LAFCO’s Absolute Collection, including six new fragrances perfect for the upcoming holiday season.

An In-Depth Look at the Absolute Collection

The newest addition to the LAFCO family is the Absolute Collection. With six fine fragrances, this collection harnesses the power of the highly concentrated fragrance oils known as absolutes to create a unique and exquisite aromatic experience.

Featured in the Absolute Collection are the following six fragrances:

  • Forest Oakmoss – Presented in a beautiful art glass vessel featuring deep green, olive, and teal hues, this fragrance has a distinctive mossy intensity at its core with a sweet drizzle of cognac to lighten things up. Enjoy a warm, verdant experience with notes of violet leaf blossom, warm amber, and incense in this 15.5-ounce candle.
    • Featured Absolute: This fragrance features forest oakmoss absolute (Evernia prunastri), derived from the rich bark of oak trees found in the Balkan forest. It offers mossy, earthy, and woody notes.
  • Balsam Black Pepper – Warm light brings out bright notes of cerulean and cobalt blue in the multi-hued art vessel that houses this candle. This fragrance is sparkling and refreshing, featuring notes of crisp eucalyptus, purple lavender, and herbaceous rosemary with warm notes of cedarwood and amber – a pure forest of evergreens.
    • Featured Absolute: This fragrance features balsam black pepper absolute (Abies balsamea), extracted from the branches and needles of the wild conifers found throughout eastern Canada. It offers a blend of sweet, rich, and warm notes.
  • Orange Blossom – Rich and seductive, this sparkling fragrance is presented in a bright orange and yellow art glass vessel marbled with white and cream-colored glass. The powerful aroma of orange blossom gives the fragrance a delightful freshness and intense sweetness balanced by the warmth of musk and blond woods.
    • Featured Absolute: This fragrance features orange blossom absolute (Citrus aurantium amara), extracted from the delicate blooms of bitter orange trees found in Morocco. It offers exotic, slightly bitter, but seductive floral notes.
  • Lavender Flower – Subtle but exquisite, this herbal fragrance is presented in a handblown glass vessel marbled with neutral tones and just a hint of lavender color. This fragrance delivers an infusion of aromatic rosemary and violet petals, enhanced with a touch of sweetness from vanilla with freshness from mint leaves and citrus.
    • Featured Absolute: This fragrance features lavender flower absolute (Lavandula angustifolia), harvested from lavender fields in Provence, France. It offers deep floral notes with a honeyed sweetness and crisp herbal notes.
  • Clary Sage – Strikingly presented in a white art glass vessel dotted with black, gold, and blue hues, this fragrance offers an herbaceous freshness with a hint of spice. A potent blend of sage, chamomile, and red currant capture the senses, intensified by notes of cedarwood, orris, and just a touch of oud wood.
    • Featured Absolute: This fragrance features clary sage absolute (Salvia sclarea), extracted from sage flowers harvested in Provence, France. It offers a distinctive aroma, both bitter and sweet, laced with notes of tobacco.
  • Rose de Mai – Delivered in a vibrant art glass vessel featuring various hues of pink, red, and purple, this floral fragrance has the full intensity of a bouquet of roses. Intertwined in this floral fragrance, you’ll notice hints of honey nectar and spicy geranium.
    • Featured Absolute: This fragrance features rose de mai absolute derived from the Rosa x centifolia, or the “hundred-petaled rose.” It offers a full, deep, round scent.

Each of LAFCO’s new Absolute Collection fragrances is rendered through a complex process of extraction and concentration to yield the highest quality fragrance for a unique olfactory experience. These candles are presented in brilliantly colorful one-of-a-kind works of art, crafted by master artisans using time-honored tools and techniques as both vessels and modern objets d’art.

Artistry and Absolute Fragrance

The Absolute Collection brings together the artistry of hand blown glass and the pure expression of natural fragrance to create a unique and luxurious aromatic experience. This collection is embodied by the three elements of absolute:

  • Fragrance
  • Glass
  • Heritage

The fragrances utilized in the Absolute Collection take LAFCO’s commitment to quality and purity to an entirely new level by using absolutes. Absolute fragrance oils are rendered through a complex process of extraction and concentration to preserve the delicate olfactory notes found within the natural botanical materials. This process has its origins in early perfumery, developed during the 18th century in southern France. Cold enfleurage is an alternative to heated steam distillation which can damage the botanical materials – it is an approach LAFCO has perfected over the years, culminating in the Absolute Collection.

In addition to luxurious fragrance, the Absolute Collection is a celebration of master craftsmanship. LAFCO has long been committed to using hand blown glass, working with Bohemian glass blowers to create artisanal vessels. The Absolute Collection is inspired by the Italian expression macchia, meaning daubs or spots of color. Each vessel is completely unique, featuring a pattern created by layering pigments and shards of glass with a wide range of tones and transparencies.

The Absolute Collection is a modern collection inspired by the past. For nearly thirty years, founder Jon Bresler has collaborated with master craftsman and with Mother Nature herself to create beautiful pieces of artwork and luxurious fragrance. Explore the Absolute Collection to learn more.

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