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7 of the Best Candles for Gifts

When it comes to giving candles as a gift, it all comes down to quality. Cheap fragrance is unpleasant at best and overwhelming at worst, but pure essential oil-based fragrance has the power to transform a room by creating a subtle ambience.

LAFCO fragranced candles are made with the finest ingredients and presented in handblown art glass vessels, making them a unique and entirely unforgettable gift.

Give the Gift of LAFCO Fragrance

All scented candles are not created equal. If you’re giving the gift of fragrance, it should be pure, essential oil-based fragrance to ensure an inspiring sensory experience. On top of the purest fragrance oils, LAFCO utilizes other high-quality, natural, and sustainable ingredients to create a therapeutic and guilt-free experience. Choose from fragranced candles, reed diffusers, room mist, and scented body products like liquid soap, bar soap, and hand cream.

When you give the gift of LAFCO fragrance, you’re giving the gift of an unforgettable fragrance experience. LAFCO candles are artfully crafted with solid soy wax, a renewable, biodegradable, and non-toxic ingredient. This wax releases fragrance gradually in a clean, slow burn with the help of 100% cotton wicks. LAFCO fragranced candles are available in four sizes – the 4-ounce Travel, 6.5-ounce Classic, 15.5-ounce Signature, and 30-ounce 3-Wick candle. Each is presented in an artisanal glass vessel that can be repurposed time and again long after the flame goes out.

The Top 5 Candles to Give as Gifts

Not only does LAFCO offer premium-quality fragrance and a luxurious experience, but they are available at a wide range of price points. For limited budgets, travel candles are the perfect choice – you might also consider the LAFCO Discovery Trio to gift three sample-sized candles for just $16. If you have a larger budget to work with, shop LAFCO’s 6-ounce Classic, 15.5-ounce Signature, or 30-ounce 3-wick candle selection. Every candle comes with LAFCO’s Pure Promise and a handblown art glass vessel.

Here are the top 7 LAFCO candles to give as gifts:

  • Sea & Dune – Breathe in the beachy fragrance of lotus, sea grass, and amber with this Classic 6.5-ounce candle presented in a blue-gray art glass vessel with a gold rim to add a touch of luxury. This candle is also available in the Travel, Signature, and 3-Wick sizes.
  • Chamomile Lavender – Upgrade to the 15.5-ounce Signature size with this warm and welcoming fragrance. Presented in a neutral art glass vessel, this fragrance features notes of chamomile, lavender, and sage. This fragrance is also available in the 4-ounce Travel size all the way up to the 30-ounce 3-wick candle.
  • Feu de Bois – The warm scent of sandalwood and patchouli blends with top notes of cedar, mountain spruce, and pine before settling into a lasting undertone of frankincense and amber myrrh. This Classic 6.5-ounce candle comes in a white vessel with a subtle green lip.
  • Champagne – This 30-ounce 3-wick candle is presented in a white vessel with a black rim, giving it a modern look. Bright notes of raspberry, orange, and mandarin zest sparkle over a heart of grapefruit, neroli, and ginger before giving way to a base of verbena, vetiver, and rose.
  • Fresh Cut Gardenia – Always a fan favorite, this floral fragrance features notes of gardenia, orange blossom, and ylang ylang. It is available in the Signature 15.5-ounce candle as well as the 30-ounce 3-wick, 6.5-ounce Classic, and 4-ounce Travel sizes.
  • Marine – Brighten any room with this soft blue candle featuring the fragrance of crisp sea air. Enjoy the sparkling fragrance of bergamot and rhubarb before it fades into a heart of jasmine water lily and marine accord, giving way to undertones of vetiver, cedar, and musk.
  • Retreat – One of the newest additions to the LAFCO fragrance family, this masculine fragrance makes a great gift for the special man in your life. Notes of matcha, clary sage, and palo santo create an uplifting and purifying experience, available in the 15.5-ounce Signature size.

If you’re simply not sure which fragrance to choose, you can’t go wrong with a LAFCO Gift Certificate. Available in denominations up to $500, giving a LAFCO gift certificate presents the opportunity to create a custom fragrance experience. The recipient has the freedom to choose their favorite fragrances in a variety of LAFCO products such as fragranced candles, reed diffusers, room mists, and more.

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