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5 LAFCO Holiday Fragrances Perfect for Gifts or Enjoying Yourself

Though the weather may have turned cold, surrounding yourself with the people you love will keep you warm. The holidays are the perfect way to reflect on the year gone by and to spend quality time with the people closest to you. Whether you’re spending the season together in person or celebrating virtually this year, nothing sets the mood better than a cozy holiday fragrance.

At LAFCO, we understand the significance of sharing the holidays with the ones you love, even if you’re not physically able to be together. Sharing the gift of fragrance is a simple reminder that while life may look a little bit different this holiday season, there’s still plenty to love and be thankful for.

From freshly cut pine boughs to oranges studded with cloves and gingerbread warm from the oven, certain scents simply put you into the holiday mood. Read on to explore the top 5 holiday fragrances LAFCO has to offer this season.

Give the Gift of Fragrance this Year

You do everything you can to show your loved ones how much you care throughout the year, but the holidays are the ideal time to go the extra mile. The perfect gift can brighten someone’s day and show you’ve been thinking about them. What better way to send that message than the gift of fragrance?

The right scent creates an ambience that can lift your spirit and transport your mind anywhere you want to go. Whether you’re craving the silence and solitude of a secluded cabin or longing for the crisp breeze of the ocean, LAFCO fragrances can take you there. Not only are LAFCO fragrances artfully crafted with premium essential oils for a pure, true scent, but they can be harnessed in a number of perfectly giftable ways ranging from reed diffusers and scented candles to room mists and more.

Here are some suggestions for gifting LAFCO fragrance this year:

  • Scented Candles – Whether you’re giving a gift or treating yourself, a LAFCO scented candle is the perfect option. Choose from sizes ranging from 1.9-ounce votives to large 30-ounce 3-wick candles, all presented in decorative art glass vessels with 100% cotton wicks.
  • Reed Diffusers – For longer lasting fragrance, a LAFCO reed diffuser is the ideal choice. Customize your preferred level of fragrance with hand-cut natural wood reeds and enjoy the beauty of a handblown glass vessel that will fit perfectly with your home décor.
  • Smart Home Diffuser – Fill your home with fragrance at the touch of a button with the Pura smart diffuser set. Pair with your favorite LAFCO fragrance, now including Frosted Pine, and create custom schedules to make the most of your fragrance.
  • Room Mist – Turn any room into a holiday haven with a quick spritz of LAFCO fragrance. Crafted with premium essential oil-based fragrance and delivered in a beautiful glass vessel, these room mists are versatile and perfect for creating instant ambience anywhere you like.
  • Hand Cream – Take your favorite LAFCO fragrance with you wherever you go with luxurious hand cream. Crafted to restore and repair dry skin, this hypoallergenic hand cream features hydrating shea butter and cotton seed oil with concentrated essential oil-based fragrances.

The beauty of quality fragrance is that it is a gift that truly keeps on giving. Scented candles provide hours of lasting fragrance while reed diffusers can scent your home for months. Read on to learn about the best LAFCO holiday fragrances to share with your loved ones this holiday season.

The Top 5 Holiday Fragrances from LAFCO

Whatever holidays you choose to celebrate, it’s less about the day itself and more about the meaning that day represents. Whether the holiday you celebrate lasts for an entire week or just 24 hours, the season of celebration goes on for weeks. With LAFCO fragrances, you’ll always be in the holiday spirit and by giving the gift of fragrance, you can spread the joy and share it with the ones you love.

Here are the best holiday fragrances to enjoy yourself or give as gifts:

  • Spiced Pomander – Inspired by the holiday tradition of clove-studded fruit, this inviting fragrance brings a modern twist to the table. Bright bitter orange and spicy clove settles into warm notes of cinnamon before giving way to the lasting scent of honey and vanilla.
  • White Maple Bourbon – Settle into the fragrance of smooth bourbon accented with white maple wood and warm vanilla bean. This soothing holiday fragrance comes in three sizes ranging from the 6.5-ounce Classic to the large 30-ounce 3-wick candle.
  • Frosted Pine – Breathe in the idyllic scent of a snowy winter forest, imagining the cushion of freshly fallen pine needles under your feet. This scent combines the familiar fragrance of pine with white birch and smoky cedar, capturing the scent and festivity of the holiday season.
  • Winter Currant – The sweetness of heliotrope comes alive with the scent of juicy redcurrant and a hint of mandarin nectar in this sparkling, celebratory scent. Enjoy it in a 1.9-ounce votive, the 6.5-ounce Classic candle, or the larger 15.5-ounce Signature size.
  • Feu De Bois – Nothing says home for the holidays like the feeling of curling up before a crackling fire, surrounded by the ones you love. This tranquil fragrance brings that feeling to life with notes of fresh pine, sandalwood, and Virginia cedar accented by smoky leather accords and nuances of smooth vanilla.

If you can’t decide which LAFCO fragrance to give this holiday season, you’ll be glad to know you don’t have to choose just one! Try the Frosted Pine + Winter Currant Holiday Gift Set or create your own Discovery Trio with a combination of classic LAFCO and holiday fragrances. When in doubt, you can always give a LAFCO gift card so your loved ones can choose their own fragrance.

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