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Founded in 1992 by Jon Bresler in New York, LAFCO, a privately owned luxury brand, combines traditional craftsmanship and the purest ingredients to create transporting home fragrances and personal care products.

As an American attorney practicing in Switzerland, Jon discovered homeopathic and artisanal European products and began importing apothecary brands to America. His passion led him to apprentice with botanical skin care producers and master perfumers throughout Europe in far-flung locales, learning centuries-old techniques. “I became totally devoted to a career in bringing these rich artisanal European traditions to America and gladly assumed the role as a pioneer in this field,” says Jon. The brand premiered with unique scented candles created to complement and elevate specific rooms and spaces and imbue private homes with a gracious, harmonious ambiance.

Today, LAFCO products explore a heady world of bespoke fragrances. Their curated taxonomy of elemental essences includes Floral, Fresh, Fruity, Woody, Herbal, Citrus and Gourmand. Inspired by his travels, Jon sources ingredients from around the globe to create a symphony of sophisticated scents for the home. Unexpected combinations evoke timeless locales and vignettes. Cucumber, birch and olive blossom will transport you to a Tuscan villa, while juniper sage and walnut with notes of orange will summon the warmth and coziness of a library den in a stately countryside manor.

Candles are manufactured in the United States with scrupulous attention to detail, including hand-blown glass vessels featuring modern lines and vibrant colors. All candles use a blend of premium vegan hard waxes, with fragrance layered in for lasting scent. Even the wicks are made of chemical-free cotton and designed to self-extinguish for added safety.

Jon has applied the same high standards to LAFCO’s line of soaps. His quest for perfection led him to a small, family-owned factory in Italy. After months of formulating, they created a proprietary solvent-free formula made with pure-pressed coconut and olive oils. The base is milled with LAFCO’s essential oil-based fragrances along with sweet almond oil and rice proteins for gentle moisture. The bars are hand pressed into custom bronze moulds and dry for four weeks—an artisanal aging process that makes each bar dense, long lasting and quick drying after each use.

As LAFCO evolves and expands in new directions, the original paradigm for the quality of our fragrance and self-care products remains the priority. Jon’s insistence on community-based craftsmanship and heritage botanicals empowers customers to lead a luxury lifestyle with integrity and authenticity. “Creating authentic product at the highest levels of craftsmanship and product integrity is at the core of LAFCO’s mission,” says Jon.

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