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9 LAFCO Stocking Stuffers for Everyone on Your List

Christmas stockings hold a certain magic, twined with traditions and brimming with the promise of hidden treasures. Whether your family revels in the anticipation on Christmas Eve or relishes the finale of…

LAFCO Partner Spotlight: Opulence of Southern Pines

Store Name: Opulence of Southern Pines Store Address: 280 NW Broad Street Southern Pines, NC 28387 Instagram Handle: opulenceofsp Owner: Tanda Jarest Years in Business: 27 Tell us about your store. What…

How to Send LAFCO Products as Gifts to Everyone On Your List

When it comes to gift-giving, we all know the feeling of receiving yet another knick-knack that ends up cluttering our homes. Over time, many of us accumulate a collection of novelty items…

A Fragrant Feast: How LAFCO Can Complement Your Holiday Dinner

Fragrance isn’t just about pleasant scents, it’s a sensory journey that can stir feelings and memories, closely intertwined with how we perceive taste. The simple truth is that the joy of savoring…

Crafting a Luxurious Appetizer with LAFCO’s Feu de Bois

The glow of LAFCO’s Feu de Bois candle, reminiscent of a cozy fireside, can elevate any gathering to an event of understated elegance. This fragrance, with its deep, woody notes, wraps the…


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