LAFCO Spiced Pomander Signature Candle, Spiced Pomander Classic Candle, Wick Trimmer, & Matches Giveaway ($149 Value)

$149 Value

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Spiced Pomander Candle (Signature & Classic Sizes): A modern twist on a holiday tradition. Bright bitter orange, decorated with clove buds, nestles in the warm richness of fresh cinnamon. The inviting fragrance lets you know the holidays are near.

Wick Trimmer: Exclusively designed by LAFCO New York, this luxurious, thoughtfully crafted wick trimmer simultaneously trims and snuffs the wick with a special blade and stores the trimming until it can be easily disposed of.

Matches: These thoughtfully designed, extra long matches have been crafted specifically to light LAFCO candles.

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